Northstar Club

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Perhaps the best way to own resort-area real estate. Northstar Club joins the best services of a fine hotel (including: on-site Management, Bell Staff, Concierge, Housekeeping, and Maintenance) with all the equity of owning a home. These shared ownership residences are either three-bedroom and three-bathroom or four-bedroom and four-bathroom configurations.

While owners are deeded to specific “shares” within specific residences, this is for inventory control only and has NO bearing on your in-house usage. Simply put, three-bedroom owners may stay in any of twelve different, equally appointed residences. Four-bedroom owners stay in any of six different residences – all within the confines of Northstar Club. This interchangeablilty of residence dramatically opens flexability in both scheduling and usage within the Club.

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Owners enjoy unlimited access to Northstar Club. There is NO MAXIMUM to the amount of time you may stay. The only “management” of this unlimited usage is to assure parity among the other owners. Club members take advantage of a flexible reservation system designed for maximum usage AND versatility. While owners are deeded to specific condominiums for recording purposes, members actually have equal access to all private residences in the size they own.

Reservation Procedures: Members have access to six weeks yearly plus unlimited space availability. There are three categories of reservation usage.
1. Pre-planned winter and summer vacations: 4 weeks (2 winter & 2 summer) Owners may exchange or give away these pre-planned weeks.
2. Long-Term Space Availability: An additional 2 weeks (1 week per season, based on remaining availability).
3. Short-Term Space Availability: Unlimited usage from 1 to 7 nights at a time, within 15 days’ notice. (Weeks run on a Friday to Friday basis with a few running Saturday to Saturday.)